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31 July, 2017

New project: Pied à Terre Management

For the past year we have offered this service to help those who do not reside in Madrid or who, because of insufficient time or knowledge, cannot handle the comprehensive management of their properties.

In this case, the owner would only have to sign the service agreement with us and forget about everything else. We will keep them informed of everything related to their home. We act as intermediaries between you and your tenant so that the relationship is professional and balanced.

The service includes:

  • Handling minor repairs included in your insurance policy
  • Cleaning upon departure and arrival of the tenant
  • Dealing with the tenant’s complaints
  • Depositing the rent with the IVIMA (Community of Madrid Housing Office), as well claiming reimbursement of the same
  • Administering and comparing quotations for refurbishments and repairs
  • Dealing with changes of supply and the annual servicing of the property’s facilities
  • Attending the ordinary meeting of the homeowners association every year on behalf of the owner
  • Compiling the monthly rental invoice
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